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Message: * some text missing*
Message: * some text missing* Sender:* Name Missing * *Number Missing *Sent: * Date missing * Missing U a lot thats y everything is missing....
3 Little Hearts
I m sending u 3 little hearts to remind u 3 things, I m HERE, I CARE and i MISS U
Do u know
Do u know, what i say, what i think, what i feel, what i think, what i wish, U want to know? I MISS U SO MUCH.
Wat makes some people dearer is not just de
Wat makes some people dearer is not just de happiness dat u feel when u meet them but de pain u feel when u miss them.. MISS U........
I hide my tears
I hide my tears when I say your name, but the pain in my heart is still the same. Although I Smile & Seem Carefree, There is no one Who misses you more than ME!

If u wanna know how much I miss u,
If u wanna know how much I miss u,
try to catch rain drops,
the ones u catch is how much u miss me,
and the ones u miss is how much I miss
Last night i wanted to send u a msg
Last night i wanted to send u a msg, but all i could write was: "noh ss!w !". it didn't make much sense until i read it upside down...By Nikeee
Whenever I miss You,
Whenever I miss You, Stars falls down from theSky.
So any day if you find the sky empty, don't blame me!
It's all your fault; You made me Miss You So Much!!
Close your Eyes,
Close your Eyes,
Relax your Body,
And stop your Breathing as long as you can...
I Miss you as much as YOU MISSED THE AIR!
In The Flower My Rose Is You,
In The Flower My Rose Is You,
In The Diamond My Kohinoor Is You,
In The Sky My Moon Is You,
I'm Only Body My Heart Is You,
That's Why I Always MISS YOU
U must b tired coz u hv been running
U must b tired coz u hv been running through my mind, u gotta b a thief coz u hv stolen my heart n I must hv been a bad shooter coz I keep missing u.
Do u know
Do u know, what I say, what I think, what I feel, what I think, what I wish, U want to know? I MISS U SO MUCH.
There's no Special reason
There's no Special reason for this msg, I juz wanna steal a single moment out of ur busy life & hope I can make u smile n say: I Miss U.
Good Time,Bad Time,Day Time,Night
Good Time,Bad Time,Day Time,Night Time,Work Time,Off Time,Happy Time,Sad Time,Sleep Time,In the Mean Time...I MISS YOU all the Time.
I MISS YOU in every beats of heart,
In every blink of my eyes,
In every second of Time and...
In every moment of the Day !


Why do I miss you? Because you make me smile. You are so kind. You are so sweet. You are very funny. And most of all, because you are not texting me any more. That's why.

You don't text often. You don't text much. It makes me feel sad coz we're out of touch. The message is clear. There's someone I really miss and it's you my dear!

Someone misses you so much, it's not your family nor your relatives. It's not even your bestfriend nor your closest pal. Its just the simple ordinary me, who misses the extraordinary.

if one star will fall everytime i miss you... all stars will be out of the sky now.... so if ever there will be no stars tonight it's all your fault..... u made me miss you so much!

You may never see how much I care for you. You may never hear how much I treasure you. You may never feel how much I miss you. Coz only here in my heart can you see them true

(I MISS U)are 3 words,But take 3 seconds to read, 3minutes to think, 3 hours to understand, 3days to demonstrate, 3weeks to explain and whole life to prove it!!!!! SaaMer 03002711588

Today I woke up with a pain in my heart, I didn't know where it came from until my mind reminded me that it's the pain of missing. Chris

We live once
we die once
but we breath every time........
I saw u once
I met u once
but i m miss u every time......... sunny

I miss you so, here around me, so many people, but yet so alone.
I miss your lips, your lovely smile, I miss you each day more and more! ֧m +92 (0) 3454 566641

Can u keep a secret?
Between me & u
You promise?
I really need to tell u this...
I MISS U... ֧m +92 (0) 3454 566641

Just Wondering..!
Would U Smile At Me If I Smile At U..?
Would U Say Hello If I Greet U..?
Would U Talk 2 Me If I Talk 2 U..?
Would U Add "Too" If I Tell U "I Miss U"..? ֧m +92 (0) 3454 566641

U are TOO far away 4rm me, that why I have to shout: I M-I-I-I-I-S-S-S-S Y-O-O-U-U! did u hear that? Baby I love U! saikat

those we love never go away
they walk beside us everyday...
still near..
still loved..
still Missed..
still very dear..
03455550462 zaman UET Lahore

Sometimes, I forget to say hi,
Sometimes, I even miss to reply,
Sometimes, my msg doesn't reach u,
But, it doesn't mean that I forget u,
I'm just giving u time to miss me!Ammar Hanjra

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50%+50%=100% WORRIED ABOUT YOU
182.5+182.5 =365 DAYS MISSING YOUshad

Today i miss u
Yesterday i missed u.
Don’t worry about tomorrow, i ll always miss u, and that is a promise. Miss U Forever.

I miss your joy and laughter
I miss your company
you are an inspiration to me
you are my muse, my mentor
I miss your smile.

I miss the touch of your hand in mine.
your love warms me like the morning sun shine.
I miss your breath on my ear as we embrace.
I miss the softness of your cheek when I touch your face.

My eyes are hurting bcoz I can’t see yo, My arms are empty bcoz I can’t hold you,
My lips are cold bcoz I can’t kiss yo but, My heart is breaking bcoz I’m not with you!

If u think i miss u all the time you are wrong
i miss you only when i think about u but Damm it
i think you all the time i miss u sweetheart.

At Age Of three we Started Study
With Tear and Age 23 we Wl Finish Study
With Tear.
1st Tear Was Water and
2nd Would B
Fear Of Missing
Dear Ones
Forever (,”)

I Looked at my back, I thought I saw u.
I Listened eagerly bcoz i thought I heard you, but NO you were not there.
this made me realized only 1 thing. I misS you so much!

Excuse Me
Is someone care about me?
Is someone has feelings for me?
I am the only person who misses everyone.
Who will miss me?
Please Miss me.

Sometimes missing is more precious
than being together.
Becoz we miss only those
whom we don’t want to miss

I know you are so so busy.
But…Take… 3 Seconds to think of me
1… …
2… …
So Sweet. now continue your work..

In My Life..
I learned how 2 smile.
How 2 Laugh.
How 2 Hard Work.
How 2 Love.
How 2 cry..
but i never learned how 2 stop MISSING YOU…

When it rains, you don’t see the sun, but its there.
Hope we can be like that.
We don’t always see each other,
but we will always be there for one another
Missing you

My feelings
Result: – Missing You

It’s hard to say Hello! because i might be goodbye,
It’s hard to say I’m okay because sometime I’m not!
But it’s easy to say I MISS YOU! because i know that i really do !

You must be a good runner because you are always running in my mind”
You must be a good thief because you have stolen my heart”
And i m always a bad shooter because I MISS YOU ALWAYS@

Some things are left undone, some words are left unsaid,
some feelings are left unexpressed,
but someone as sweet as you could never be left missed.


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